Simplify Results Reporting
Enhance the TrackWrestling experience for every coach in your state
NWCA State Reps, unite your state's coaching community with the new MatBoss free Stats App. Coaches in your state can effortlessly score matches on Android or iOS devices, integrate with TrackWrestling, and streamline results reporting, enhancing coaching success.
Empower and Unify the Coaches in Your State

By empowering your coaches to use this FREE tool, you are effectively removing any data submission barriers, making their lives (and yours) a lot easier. Click on the button below to download an info packet, including a PDF flier and short presentation deck, that you can share with the coaches in your state.

Why Use MatBoss for Stats?
Your coaches can save time by tracking all match stats in an easy-to-use interface on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.
All coaches in your state can score matches from any handset or tablet (Android or iOS).
Seamlessly export all results to TrackWrestling, creating an efficient and accurate data set.
Manage team rosters and events.
Gain access to in-depth, insightful stat reports.
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