What are the steps I need to complete to get started on my Devices w/the MatBoss App?
  • Connect to Wifi and Update to the latest iOS version (iPads).  If you were a customer last year, Delete the MB app from the devices.
  • Download the App for your devices from the App Store for iPads and Google Play for Androids (when the App is available)
  • Launch the App, go to the 3-line or “Hamburger” Menu in upper right
  • Select Sign in @ the bottom
  • Click on “Connect to Account” button
  • Fill in your SAME Username and Password
  • Click on the “Connect Now” button, you will land on your Dashboard page
  • Confirm that all of the information is synced in each of your devices by Clicking on Roster and your Schedule
  • From the Popup, You may elect to choose to record Sound w/microphone or not

For an illustrated version of this FAQ, refer to our MB University video: Getting Started: Part 2