What are the steps I need to complete to get started on MatBoss in my Online Account?

Go to TrackWrestling to set up your roster and schedule if you are using TrackWrestling

For New Customers:
  • Click on the “Get Started” button in the Welcome Letter you received.
  • You will be taken to the Pre-Season Setup Wizard
For Returning Customers:
  • Log in to your Online Account and go through the Setup Wizard
For Both Returning and New Customers:
  • The Wizard will create/show your Username and Team Code and have you create your password, then:
    • Follow the Instructions to import from TW
    • If you are not using Track, or will set up later, you will enter your roster and schedule manually in your Online Account (see Entering your Roster and Schedule in Trackwrestling below)
    • You can go to File in the Chrome browser and print the Final page for your records
    • Click on the yellow “Enter MatBoss” button
  • Following the Set-up Wizard, you will land on your Dashboard Page.
  • Your Roster and Scorebooks will reflect your input from the SetUp Wizard
  • In Upper right, the My Account tab will allow you to add and change Account information, such as:
    • Teams in your Conference/District
    • Media contacts for sending Rosters and Results
    • Change of Passwords
    • Names of your Scorebooks if preferred name wasn’t made in the Set-up Wizard
  • For your wrestlers to create their OWN account, Your Team Code is listed in My Account. (Also, see separate FAQ below)

For an illustrated version of this FAQ, refer to our MB University video: Getting Started: Part 1