Our team is participating in a dual tournament, and I won’t know our opponents until the day of the tournament. How should I handle creating and recording the event(s)?

With dual meet tournaments, individual duals will not show up in the import from TrackWrestling because MatBoss treats every individual dual meet as a separate event. Since the dual meets in those tournaments have not been created yet, the event is basically empty and there isn’t anything to import. Since you probably don’t know who you’ll be wrestling until that day, here are the instructions for creating, recording and uploading the Event:

  • On your recording device, go to your correct Scorebook, click on “Add Event” (upper right) and enter the correct information.
  • Create and record the matches as normal for the Event.
  • Make sure that there is a corresponding dual meet in your TW schedule for each of the duals you recorded.
  • Export the event using either the app or your online account.