Seven ways to develop mental toughness in your wrestlers
We can learn a lot about the mindset of an individual by listening to them talk about their performance. The best time is to listen is when they are unedited and honest. Think Spencer Lee after the NCAA final match last year. "Excuses are for wussies." Right there is Lee's mindset. We can learn from that one simple statement. Not what he said but his beliefs. He believes in not making excuses and those that make them lack mental toughness. Or A.J. Ferrari. Looking at the content, aside from the comical display and 600-pound deadlift, you can tell he is open and enjoys wrestling. He wrestles like he is having fun, which translates to a higher level of mental toughness few have. He wrestles to win with no apparent fear of losing. Download our free guide for developing mental toughness with your wrestlers and let's explore this topic together.
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