Five ways the Wrestlers in Business Network can help the sport of wrestling
Wrestling has yet to become a mainstream sport to the American public. At some point wrestling may appeal to the average sports fan with the help of a professional league. Like in other Olympic sports without a professional league, after competitive careers are over, other than coaching, what comes next? Only a few can make a living in wrestling. With several college programs underfunded, many coaches are not full-time. The Wrestlers In Business Network (WIBN) was founded by Aaron Grossman in 2009. Aaron wrestled collegiately at Miami (Ohio) University. Shortly after his career ended, the program was cut. Since the 1970's over five hundred college wrestling programs have been eliminated due to Title IX. During the recession in the mid-2000s, Grossman’s business was struggling. He had to figure out a way to sustain himself. He created a LinkedIn group called the Wrestlers in Business Network. His goal was to use wrestling as a way to help wrestlers grow their businesses. In 2014, Grossman and John Licata merged their networks. Licata had a similar group called the Greater Washington Business Network. Today, with the help of the NWCA, the WIBN has twenty-eight chapters throughout the country. The WIBN has three guiding principles. First, how can wrestlers do business together. Second, how can WIBN help wrestlers find careers. And lastly, how can the WIBN help grow the sport overall. Download our free guide to learn more.
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