Shyloh Seaver, Samantha Biermann selected as recipients of MatBoss scholarships
Posted by Andrew Hipps on Thursday, May 17, 2018 10:32 AM UTC

MatBoss, wrestling’s premier VideoStats app, is honored to announce that wrestling managers Shyloh Seaver and Samantha Biermann are the recipients of MatBoss scholarships.

Shyloh and Samantha were selected from a large pool of candidates across 18 different states. Each will receive $500 scholarships.

To be eligible for a MatBoss scholarship, the student’s team must have been a MatBoss customer during the 2017-2018 season. She/he must have served an active role as a manager on her/his team and be a high school senior or currently enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution.

Recipients were chosen based on their service to the sport of wrestling, academic achievement, honors and awards, as well as their involvement in outside activities and community.

Shyloh Seaver (Longmont, Colorado)MatBoss Scholarship Shyloh Seaver

Shyloh Seaver, a high school senior, has served as a wrestling manager at Mead High School in Longmont, Colorado, since her freshman year.

“Becoming a manager was something I never planned on doing or becoming, but it is the only thing that stuck with me for all four years of high school,” said Shyloh. “Through this I gained a deep respect for the athletes and the sport of wrestling.”

Ty Tatham, head wrestling coach and physical education teacher at Mead High School, says that he is proud to have known Shyloh and that “she is a fine role model and quality person.”

“I believe Shyloh will excel in whatever she chooses to do because of her work ethic and strong commitment to whatever she pursues,” said Tatham. “Shyloh knows what she would like to do and has the attitude and work ethic to achieve these goals.”

Shyloh has received numerous awards outside of her involvement in wrestling and been involved in several extracurricular activities throughout high school, including track, cheer, tennis, music and drama. She earned Academic All-State honors in track in 2015 and 2016. This year she received the Young Womanhood Recognition Award from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She maintains a cumulative GPA of 3.80 and ranks 50th in her class of 251.

After high school, Shyloh plans to pursue child development and specialize as a child life specialist.

“The world needs more people who know how to build people up, to encourage them in their times of failure,” said Shyloh. “It is with this skill and desire to give people hope in troubled times that I move forward to pursue child development and specialize as a child life specialist, a career that deals with terminally ill children, giving them hope and light in the darkest of places.”

Samantha Biermann (Davenport, Iowa)

MatBoss Scholarship Samantha BiermannSamantha Biermann is a senior at Bettendorf High School in Iowa. She has been involved in wrestling since middle school. One skill in particular that she has learned as a wrestling manager is time management.

“Managing time better was the first skill I developed,” said Samantha. “Having to be at the high school at 5:45 on a Saturday morning was quite difficult for me at first, but as time continued I learned how to get ready quickly. At times, I would get up at 3:45 a.m. to take a shower, pack for the day and have enough time to drive the twenty minutes to the high school.”

Bettendorf High School head wrestling coach Dan Knight has high praise for Samantha.

“When I think of Samantha, a few words come to mind like dedication and hard work,” said Knight, a four-time undefeated state champion and All-American at Iowa State. “She has a strong work ethic, dedication and she takes pride in a job well done. These past four years have turned her into a huge wrestling fan who is very knowledgeable about the sport.”

Samantha said MatBoss made her job as a wrestling manager easier.

“Before using MatBoss, managing required one person to take stats and another person to record the video,” said Samantha. “However, thanks to MatBoss, one person can do the job of two. Since using MatBoss, my job as a manager has been much easier and less stressful for the past three years.”

In addition to serving as a wrestling manager, Samantha has been involved in German Club, Best Buddies, Science Club, National Honor Society and German American Partnership Program. She has volunteered her time as a tutor and in fundraisers and events.

Samantha excels in the classroom and has earned the AP Scholar with Honor Award. She carries a cumulative GPA of 3.96 and ranks 22nd in her class of 354. Samantha plans on studying psychology in college.