MatBoss Releases Free Mobile Stats-Only Subscription
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Posted by eric.gerold on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 7:04 PM UTC

MINNEAPOLIS -- MatBoss, wrestling's premier coaching tool built by a team of coaches and wrestlers, is expanding its offerings for the 2023-24 wrestling season with the release of its brand-new Mobile Stats-Only Subscription.

The Mobile Stats-Only Subscription was designed to save wrestling teams time by tracking all match statistics in an easy-to-use interface on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. The MatBoss Stats-Only Subscription is being made available for free to all college, high school and middle school wrestling programs.

"Our brand new free MatBoss Stats-Only Subscription is a game-changer for high school and college wrestling coaches. It simplifies the process of getting match results to TrackWrestling, enabling coaches to do so effortlessly from their devices” said Tyler Hemmesch, Co-Founder of MatBoss. “Additionally, it provides the best stat reports in the sport, giving coaches a powerful tool to elevate their programs and report results accurately and on time, all while saving valuable time previously spent on paper scorebooks” added Hemmesch.

The free Mobile Stats-Only Subscription allows wrestling programs to capture all their team statistics and results digitally, removing the need for a paper scorebook. In addition to providing the ability to score all wrestling matches from any handset or tablet (Android & iOS), the Mobile Stats-Only Subscription has built-in TrackWrestling integration for roster management and event management. Wrestling teams can seamlessly export all their results to TrackWrestling and access the most intuitive statistical reports available for free. 

MatBoss was developed in 2013 and born from the vision to offer an all-inclusive tool to aid coaches in creating more successful wrestlers and, ultimately, more successful wrestling teams. Today, MatBoss is used by thousands of college, high school and middle school wrestling programs across the country, including multiple national championship collegiate wrestling programs and several state championship high school wrestling teams. 

MatBoss' VideoStats product integrates video, statistics, and advanced analytics in one simple-to-use tool. It allows teams to record video and gather detailed statistics for their matches, providing wrestling teams with valuable insights to help improve performance. Exclusive features like Match Analysis and Video Study make it easy for wrestling coaches to take their coaching to another level. MatBoss is the only coaching tool that integrates with TrackWrestling. 

Since 2018, MatBoss has provided yearly scholarships to support wrestling managers, with the receipts chosen based on their service to the sport of wrestling, academic achievement, honors and awards, as well as their involvement in outside activities and the community. In 2022, MatBoss became the official title sponsor of the MatBoss Minnesota Christmas Tournament, one of the premier high school wrestling events in the Midwest.

Click here to learn about the new MatBoss Stats-Only Subscription or to schedule a live demo.


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