Included with MatBoss Subscription
MatBoss understands the importance of utilizing data and analytics to help your team improve. MatBoss Analytics is included out of the box and provides coaches with real time insights that will enable you to identify areas where your athletes are excelling and where they need to improve.
Build Better Practice Plans with MatBoss Analytics
MatBoss utilizes the data captured during match recording to systematically produce data insights and visualizations to aid in practice planning. There is no manual work required to produce the analytics insights and the MatBoss analytics platform is included with your MatBoss subscription.
Product Features
MatBoss systematically applies analytical models against your team's match data to identify in order to present you with a deeper understanding of teams performance. Insights are delivered in easy to understand language which will enable you to quickly identify ways to improve your team.
Matboss produces over 20 unique statistical metrics for your team and provides a view into how your team is performing vs. other teams in your division across the country. You can utilize these metrics to narrow into your weaknesses at the team or individual level.
MatBoss analytics provides a variety of interactive graphs that provide an easy way to drill down and explore your teams performance.
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